Preserving the Precious Gift of Sight



Lynn A. Bernard, Jr.
Petros E. Carvounis, MD
John C. Dawson, Jr.
Frank K. Eggleston D.D.S.
Shara Fryer
Ron Girotto
L. Henry Gissel, Jr.
Bernard Hicks, MD
Emmett A. Humble
Nancy F. Japhet
James E. Key, MD
Bettie Harding Lee
Bruce B. Mack
Alice R. McPherson, MD
Suzanne S. Miller
Ben Orman, MD
Michael Patrick
Jacquelyn Royce
F. Ames Smith
H. Richard Walton
Diana M. “Dede” Weil
Arthur Willis, MD
R. Malcolm Wooley


John T. Cater
Kelli Kickerillo
Lawrence P. Washington
James N. Winfrey


Chairman Frank K. Eggleston, DDS
President Alice R. McPherson, MD
Secretary John C. Dawson, Jr.
Treasurer H. Richard Walton
Chair, Board of Advisory Trustees Jacquelyn M. Royce
Assistant Secretary Jacquelyn M. Royce


John C. Dawson, Jr.
Frank Eggleston, DDS
Emmett A. Humble
Bettie Harding Lee
Alice R. McPherson, MD
F. Ames Smith
H. Richard Walton
Fund Drive Chair   Malcolm Wooley (rotating)


Jane Anthony
Lucy G. Arnold
Margaret Barrow
Roger Beebe
Sue Bellamy
Patricia Boyd
Charles N. Bracht
Donald Burrell
Rhett Butler
Princess Cameron
James Chao
Stephen D. Chipman
Kathryn Coleman
H. M. Crosswell, III
Judge Harold R. DeMoss, Jr.
Susan Dilg
Mr. & Mrs. Lee Duggan
Marilyn Elliott
Jenny A. Elkins
John Finch
Slavka Glaser
Alan S. Gover
Rose Haché
Henry R. Hamman
Henry & Betsy Hope
John L. Hopwood
Deral Humble
Keith Humble
Frank & Debbie Young Jones
Barbara Monroe Kirsch
Radford P. Laney
Linda Lesser
Frann G. Lichtenstein
Walter S. Lynn
Dean Malouta
Barry Margolis
Mr. & Mrs. Howard Marshall
Hunter L. Martin, Jr.
Mark Miller
Ben Morton
Joanne Mueller
William N. Noble
Katharine W. Orton
Delores Pranke
James A. Reichert
Gail Rosenthal
Gary Rosenthal
Carl Schulse
Patricia J. Silverman
Pat Singleton
Martha Ann Snyder
Dean J. Stuessy
Sally R. Thomas
Randy Thompson
Peggy Weaver
Betty Whitt
Sally R. Winfrey
James Woods


Clinical Advisors

Milton Boniuk, MD
Charles Campbell, MD
Amy Coburn, MD
Thomas E. Duncan, MD
Mary T. Green, MD
Alan Jarrett, MD
Alice Y. Matoba, MD
Robert T. McMahon, MD
Gerald M. Sheldon, MD
Sheppy J. Silverman, MD
Lawrence A. Wright, MD

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Mission of RRF

The mission of the Retina Research Foundation is to reduce retinal blindness worldwide by funding programs in research and education. As a public charity, RRF raises funds from the private sector and the investment of its endowment funds.

RRF’s 48th Anniversary

October 1, 2017