Preserving the Precious Gift of Sight

History of Major Award Recipients

Award of Merit in Retina Research – The Retina Society

2016    Steve Charles, MD

2015    Thomas W. Gardner, MD

2014    Peter A. Campochiaro, MD

2013    Cynthia A. Toth, MD

2012    Richard Spaide, MD

2011    Michael Marmor, MD

2010    Eliot Berson, MD

2009    Mark Humayun, MD, PhD

2008    William Tasman, MD

2007    Lloyd Paul Aiello, MD

2006    Carol Shields, MD

2005    Anthony Adamis, MD

2004    Frederick Ferris, III, MD, and Emily Chew, MD

2003    Stephen Ryan, MD

2002    Bradley Straatsma, MD

2001    no award given

2000    Ronald Klein, MD, MPH, and Barbara Klein, MD, MPH

1999    Lawrence A. Yannuzzi, MD

1998    Joe Hollyfield, PhD

1997    Stuart L. Fine, MD

1996    Gabriel Coscas, MD

1995    D. Jackson Coleman, MD

1994    Francois DeLori, PhD and C. Katherine Dorey, PhD

1993    W. Richard Green, MD

1992    Ingrid Kreissig, MD

1991    Ronald G. Michels, MD and Burt M. Glaser, MD

1990    Matthew M. LaVail, PhD

1989    Matthew D. Davis, MD

1988    Harvey A. Lincoff, MD

1987    Harris Ripps, PhD

1986    J. Donald Gass, MD

1985    Oleg Ponerantzeff, D Eng

1984    Werner K. Noell, MD

1983    Arnall Patz, MD

1982    Harry G. Sperling, PhD

1981    John E. Dowling, PhD

1980    Robert Machemer, MD

1979    Richard W. Young, MD

1978    Charles L. Schepens, MD

Kayser International Award in Retina Research – International Sociey for Eye Research (ISER)

2016    King-Wai Yau, PhD

2014    Robert E. Marc, PhD

2012    Robert E. Anderson, MD, PhD

2010    Frank Werblin, PhD

2008    John Dowling, PhD

2007    none

2006    Dean Bok, PhD

2005    Judah Folkman, MD, and Gary W. Abrams, MD

2004    Gregory Acland, DMV, Gustavo Aquirre, DMV, Jean Bennett, PhD,
William Hausworth, PhD, Samuel Jacobson, MD, and Albert Maquire, MD

2003    Eugene deJuan, MD, and Wallace Founds, MD

2002    Dennis Davey, PhD

2001    Hilel Lewis, MD

2000    Debora Farber, PhD

1999    Tatsuo Hirose, MD, and Akitoshi Yoshida, MD

1998    Anita Hentrickson, PhD

1997    Jerry Shields, MD

1996    Akimichi Kaneko, MD

1995    Enrique Malbran, MD

1994    Alan C. Bird, MD

1993    Thaddeus Dryja, MD

1992    Alan M. Laties, MD

1991    John P. Sarks, FRCS, and Shirley H. Sarks, FRCS

1990    Neville N. Osborne, PhD, and Berndt J. Ehinger, MD

1989    David Hubel, MD

1988    Denis Baylor, MD

1987    H. Gobind Khorana, PhD

1986    Shomi Bhattacharya, PhD, and Alan F. Wright

RRF Pyron Award  – American Society of Retina Specialists (ASRS)

2016     Donald J. D’Amico, MD

2015     Gary W. Abrams, MD

2014     Andrew Schachat, MD

2013     George A. Williams, MD

2012     Daniel F. Martin, MD

2011    Jean Bennett, MD, PhD, and Albert Maguire, MD

2010    Julia Haller, MD

2009    C. Pat Wilkinson, MD

2008    Susan Bressler, MD, and Neil Bressler, MD

2007    Carmen Puliafito, MD

2006    Brooks McCuen, MD

2005    Mark Blumenkranz, MD

2004    Morton F. Goldberg, MD

2003    Lloyd Aiello, MD

2002    Michael Trese, MD

2001    Yasuo Tano, MD

2000    Gholan Peyman, MD

Helmerich Award for Outstanding Achievement in Retina Research – Changed to Pyron Award in 1999

1999    Harry W. Flynn, MD

1998    Stanley Chang, MD

1997    Thomas M. Aaberg, MD

1996    Robert Watzke, MD

1995    George F. Hilton, MD

1992    Christina Enroth-Cugell, MD

1991    Albert Aguayo, FRSC

1990    Seymour Benzer, MD

1989    Torsten N. Wiesel, MD

1988    Alan L. Hodgkin, FRSC

RRF Gonin Lectureship – Club Jules Gonin

2016    Thomas W. Gardner, MD

2014    Frank G. Holz, MD

2012    José-Alain Sahel, MD

2010    Anthony Adamis, MD, and Napoleone Ferrera, MD

2008    Einar Stefánsson, MD

2006    Alain Gaudric, MD

2004    Leonidas Zografos, MD

2002    Joan Miller, MD

2000    Veit Peter Gabel, MD

1998    Peter Wiedemann, MD

1996    Evangelos Gragoudas, MD

International Council of Ophthalmology
University of Lausanne – Gonin Medalist

2014    Alice R. McPherson, MD

2010    Alan C.Bird, MD

2006    Alfred Sommer, MD, MHS

2002    Gottfried Naumann, MD

1998    Robert Machemer, MD

1994    Harold L. Ridley

1990    Barrie R. Jones

1986    Akika Nakajima

1982    Alfred Edward Maumenee

1978    Norman Henry Ashton

1974    David G. Cogan

1970    Gerhard Meyer-Schwickerath

1966    Jules François

1962    Hans Goldmann

1958    Alan Woods

1954    Stewart Duke-Elder

1950    Hermenegilde Arruga

1945    Paul Haillart

1941    Alfred Vogt

Charles L. Schepens, MD/AAO Award (co-sponsored by RRF with Schepens International Society)

2016    Harry W. Flynn, Jr., MD

2015    Mark S. Blumenkranz, MD

2014    Jerry A. Shields, MD

2013    Lawrence A. Yannuzzi, MD

2012    Alan C. Bird, MD

2011    Stanley Chang, MD

2010    William Tasman, MD

2009    Thomas Aaberg, MD

2008    Harvey Lincoff, MD

RRF Cox Macula Society Project – The Macula Society

2017     Mary Elizabeth Hartnett, MD

2016     Christine A. Curcio, PhD

2015     Robyn Guymer, MD

2014     Demetrios G. Vavvas, MD

2013     Kang Zhang, MD, PhD

2012    Stephen Jae Kim, MD, and Stephen Tsang, MD, PhD

2011    J. William Harbour, MD

2010    Rajendra Apte, MD, PhD

2009    Lloyd Paul Aiello, MD


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Mission of RRF

The mission of the Retina Research Foundation is to reduce retinal blindness worldwide by funding programs in research and education. As a public charity, RRF raises funds from the private sector and the investment of its endowment funds.

RRF’s 48th Anniversary

October 1, 2017