Preserving the Precious Gift of Sight

About RRF

Vision – Prevention of Blindness is the Cure

When it comes to disease, prevention is always the best cure. That is the premise upon which Retina Research Foundation (RRF) was built, and which continues to be our driving force. Understanding the causes of retinal disease is the first step towards finding cures.

Research – Funding from RRF

RRF funds a wide variety of scientific research including pilot study grants, ongoing research projects, and lifetime achievement awards.

Education – Moving Treatment Forward

Besides funding for research, RRF also is looking to improve the education of future scientists and physicians through an educational trust fund, international fellowships, and travel scholarships.

Patient Care – Patients are the Focus

As we continue to move forward, our single focus is our patients. They are the true pioneers who help us learn about eye disease, its effects and response to therapies. They are the ones who challenge us to expand our knowledge and move us closer to our mission of eradicating eye disease.

We accept this responsibility and hope that we may help all those with eye disease live a full life.

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Mission of RRF

The mission of the Retina Research Foundation is to reduce retinal blindness worldwide by funding programs in research and education. As a public charity, RRF raises funds from the private sector and the investment of its endowment funds.

RRF’s 48th Anniversary

October 1, 2017